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So, you’re most probably wondering, what’s up with Ted McGrath’s Message to Millions? My goal with this particular review would be to answer questions you have. For starters, a complete disclaimer: I am an affiliate for Ted’s course. However, that does not affect what I share below by any means. Exactly what it does mean, is that if you get through my link, Ted pays me a commission. It also means that should you buy through my links within this review, you may earn access to my two exclusive bonuses, worth $598 $1,593. These bonuses are not available elsewhere. Ok, now that we’ve covered all the legal “mumbo-jumbo”, here’s my full report on author message to millions.

Ted’s Message to Millions program is actually a LIVE group coaching program. Precisely what does that mean? It means that the isn’t just some course with pre-recorded videos. The program is live – therefore you gain access to Ted, PLUS it includes probably the most updated and actionable information possible. But don’t worry…there are lots of videos too…and transcripts…and worksheets…and lifetime access to the materials. Obviously, there will be no shortage of content – and great content at that – within this program.

Ted Has Been Doing it All – Whether it’s building multimillion dollar businesses, creating household brands, commanding top dollar as a consultant or succeeding being an actor, Ted has done everything. And that he takes all the lessons from all of those varied experiences and brings them together in Message to Millions to assist you successfully craft your lifestyle story and message, so you can succeed where others fall short. Because of Ted’s varied experiences, he has the capacity to teach you things no one else can instruct you, and he can instruct them in a way that no one else can.

Live Event – That’s right, when you purchase ted in addition, you get two FREE tickets to Ted’s Live 4-day Message to Millions Live event. That is a $5,000 value – as well as the value you will get from the course itself! Everything you will see in the Message to Millions program will all come together whenever you attend the live event. Ted will teach you live and you’ll get to network and connect with countless other people exactly like you. This is an invaluable area of the Message to Millions program!

Bonuses Galore! I’m not speaking about the bonuses I’m giving out should you buy the course through my unique link…these would be the bonuses that Ted is providing to everyone that purchases Message to Millions.

Your Message to Millions program demands a significant time investment. This can be 8 weeks of live coaching calls, which, of course, signifies that should you aren’t able (or willing) to go those calls, you simply will not get the full gain benefit from the program.

This program includes 7 full modules as well as over 25 hours of content. All that to state, this is simply not just a little Udemy course that one could proceed through in 2-three hours and learn everything there is certainly to understand. This system will demand an occasion commitment, and, like I said above, if you are unable to dedicate time necessary, this might be a “downfall” of mjsoyi program – though inside the actual sensation of the term, I really do not believe so that it is a downfall at all.

Which is the only thing which i may find that is certainly not good about Ted’s program…seriously. I cannot stress enough that while M2M is extremely much WORTH it…it is time-consuming and not easy. Simply a fair warning there. I’m certain Ted would like me to let you know that ted mcgraths is ideal for EVERYONE. But, if I’m being honest (and i also always try to be…), it is far from for everybody. It is actually, however, ideal for many people…here’s several that it’s great for, and some that it probably is not good for…

Message to Millions is for the individual who 1. has a message to share and 2. desires to figure out how to share that message more efficiently with additional people compared to what they currently are. The bottom line is if you have information which you feel strongly about sharing – and you also are certainly not sharing it with as much people as you wish to be sharing it with, then this program from Ted McGrath is right for you.

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